NBA TV's “Team Days” in August to Celebrate All 30 Teams' Key Moments
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NBA TV's “Team Days” in August to Celebrate All 30 Teams' Key Moments

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NBA TV's “Team Days” in August to Celebrate Signature Moments
& Key Figures for All 30 NBA Organizations

Programming Highlights to Include 30 Days of NBA Classic Games,
Recent Top Performances, Sitdown Interview Specials & Documentaries

Throughout August, NBA TV will dedicate one day to each NBA franchise highlighting memorable moments and key figures via “Team Days” programming. Starting on Thursday, Aug. 1, with the Miami Heat, and running through Friday, Aug. 30, with the Atlanta Hawks, a different organization will be highlighted daily during the month with Hardwood Classics, interviews, documentaries, and other archived features.

The first week of programming will showcase some of the most memorable games from two of the past decade's top teams – Miami and the Golden State Warriors. NBA TV's programming lineup on Thursday, Aug. 1, will include Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade's 2006 NBA Finals-clinching Game 6 win for the Heat, along with the "Big Three" of LeBron James, Wade and Chris Bosh capturing their first title in 2012.

Golden State's game catalog on Friday, Aug. 2, will include the Warriors' NBA Championship win in 2015 against Cleveland, the team's pivotal Western Conference Finals Game 6 win against Oklahoma City in 2016, and Klay Thompson's record-setting 14 three-pointers against Chicago in 2018. 

NBA TV will celebrate Lakers Day and Kobe Bryant Day (an homage to his 8/24 uniform numbers) on Saturday, Aug. 24, with programming that includes Bryant's 81-point game in 2006, and his 48-point performance against Sacramento in the 2001 NBA Playoffs, along with Kobe: The Interview.

Recent notable games revisited during "Team Days" will include Toronto's NBA Finals Game 6 championship win (Raptors, Sun., Aug. 25), James Harden becoming the first player to have 60 points in a triple double in 2018 (Rockets, Monday, Aug. 26), 2019 NBA Playoff and regular season games for Kia NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks, Tuesday, Aug. 20), Portland's four-overtime thriller against Denver (Trail Blazers, Saturday, Aug. 3), Kia NBA Rookie of the Year Luka Doncic carrying Dallas over Oklahoma City (Mavericks, Monday, Aug. 12) and Denver's first round Game 7 win vs. San Antonio (Nuggets, Wed., Aug. 15). 

Additional specials throughout August will feature Julius Erving and Allen Iverson (76ers, Thursday, Aug. 8), Finding Giannis (Bucks, Tuesday, Aug. 20), Come Fly with Me (Bulls, Wednesday, Aug. 21), Vince Carter: The Interview (Raptors, Sunday, Aug. 25), Kevin Garnett (Timberwolves, Sunday., Aug. 4), the History of the Knicks (Monday, Aug. 5), Dikembe Mutombo (Nuggets, Wednesday, Aug. 15), Splash Bros. & Bad Boys (Warriors, Friday, Aug. 2) and the San Antonio Spurs (Tuesday, Aug. 6). 

Additional programming highlights detailed below.

"Team Days" Programming Highlights


Day, Date - Team: Programming

Thursday, Aug. 1 - Miami Heat: 2006 NBA Finals G6, Dwyane Wade-Kevin Garnett, Inside the Heat UD & Wade, 2019 Wade game-winner vs. GSW 

Friday, Aug. 2 - Golden State Warriors: 1975 NBA Finals G4, NBA Finals-clinching wins in 2015, 2017 & 2018, Splash Bros. & Bad Boys

Saturday, Aug. 3 - Portland Trail Blazers: 1977 WCFs G4, 1990 NBA Finals G2, 2000 WCFs G5, 2019  W.C. Semifinals 4 OT thriller vs. Denver

Sunday, Aug. 4 - Minnesota Timberwolves: 2004 Western Conference Semis G7, Kevin Garnett: All-Star Interview, Ryan Saunders first win as head coach

Monday, Aug. 5 - New York Knicks: 1970 NBA Finals G7, 1994 ECFs G7, 1999 1st Rd vs. Miami, Carmelo Anthony 62-point game in 2012, Open Court: NYC basketball

Tuesday, Aug. 6 - San Antonio Spurs: 1985 W.C 1st Rd G2, 1999 NBA Finals G5, 2005 NBA Finals G7, 2014 NBA Finals G5, Champions Revealed: 2014 San Antonio Spurs

Wednesday, Aug. 7 - Phoenix Suns: 1993 NBA Finals G3 and G5, 2005 W.C. Semifinals G6, NBA Finals Suns/Celtics Triple OT Classic

Thursday, Aug. 8 - Philadelphia 76ers: 1983 NBA Finals G4, Allen Iverson: The Answer, Iverson debut, The Doctor, 2019 E.C. Semifinals G4

Friday, Aug. 9 - New Orleans Pelicans: 2016 Anthony Davis 59-point, 20-rebound game, 2018 W.C. 1st Round G4

Saturday, Aug. 10 - Sacramento Kings: 2002 W.C. Semifinals G4, 2002 WCFs Game 5, NBAE Presents: Chris Webber

Sunday, Aug. 11 - Utah Jazz: 1991, John Stockton 28-assist game, 1997 NBA Finals G3, 2018 1st Rd G6, 2019 1st Rd vs. Houston G4

Monday, Aug. 12 - Dallas Mavericks: 1995 Jason Kidd triple-double vs. Houston, 2011 NBA Finals G5 & G6, 2018 Doncic-led win vs. OKC

Tuesday, Aug. 13 - Oklahoma City Thunder: 2012 WCFs G6, Mr. Thunder, Steven Adams: The Kiwi Way, Russell Westbrook 57-point triple-double

Wednesday, Aug. 14 - Indiana Pacers: 1995 ECFs G4, 2019 Oladipo game-winner vs. Bulls in OT, 1994 ECFs G5 vs. Knicks

Thursday, Aug. 15 - Denver Nuggets: 2019 W.C. Semifinals G4, G5, 1994 1st Rd G5, 1977 W.C. Semifinals G5, Dikembe Mutombo

Day, Date - Team: Programming

Friday, Aug. 16 - Orlando Magic: 1993 Shaq breaks backboard, 1995 E.C. Semis G6, 2019 1st Rd G1 vs. Raptors, 2019 Playoff-clinching win vs. Boston

Saturday, Aug. 17 - Cleveland Cavaliers: 1992 E.C. Semis G7, LeBron James debut, 2016 NBA Finals G7, Championship Parade

Sunday, Aug. 18 - LA Clippers: 2014 W.C. 1st Rd G7, 2015 W.C. 1st Rd G7, 2018 win vs. Warriors 

Monday, Aug. 19 - Memphis Grizzlies: 2013 W.C. Semis G4 & G5, 2014 regular season vs. Spurs (3OT), 2018 Double OT win vs. Nets 

Tuesday, Aug. 20 - Milwaukee Bucks: 1983 E.C. Semis G2, Finding Giannis, 2019 ECFs G1 

Wednesday, Aug. 21 - Chicago Bulls: 1996 NBA Finals G6, Come Fly With Me, 1988 Dunk Contest, 1991 ECFs G3

Thursday, Aug. 22 - Washington Wizards: 1986 E.C. 1st Rd G1, 2001 Jordan 51-point game, 2018 OT win vs. Houston

Friday, Aug. 23 - Brooklyn Nets: 1982 Christmas vs. Knicks, 2003 NBA Finals G2, 1976 ABA Finals G6 

Saturday, Aug. 24 - Los Angeles Lakers (Kobe Bryant Day): Bryant's 81-point game, Bryant vs. Michael Jordan in 1997, Bryant's 48-point performance vs. Kings in 2001 Playoffs, 1997 NBA Dunk Contest and Kobe: The Interview

Sunday, Aug. 25 - Toronto Raptors: 2019 NBA Finals G4 & G6, 2019 ECFs G6, 2001 E.C. Semifinals G3

Monday, Aug. 26 - Houston Rockets: Harden's 60-point triple double in 2018, Clutch City, 1994-95 NBA Finals games

Tuesday, Aug. 27 - Detroit Pistons: 2004 NBA Finals G4, 1989 ECFs G6, 1983 vs. Nuggets - highest scoring game in NBA history

Wednesday, Aug. 28 - Boston Celtics: Classic Larry Bird performances, including 1984 NBA Finals G7, 1981 ECFs G7, 1984 E.C. Semifinals G7, 1987 ECFs G5, Red and Me, Mr. Russell's House, Magic and Bird, NBA Finals 40th Anniversary: Suns/Celtics Triple OT

Thursday, Aug. 29 - Charlotte Hornets: Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning classics - 1993 E.C. 1st Rd G3 & G4, Charlotte Hornets: Where the Buzz Began

Friday, Aug. 30 - Atlanta Hawks: 1985 & 1986 NBA Dunk Contests, 1988 E.C. Semis G7, 2015 E.C. Semifinals G6