Get ready for a musical and colourful Heritage Day on Boomerang!
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Get ready for a musical and colourful Heritage Day on Boomerang!

Boomerang collaborates with South African Indie-pop teen, Mila Smith, to create an original song as part of its musical compilation

This Heritage Day, 24 September, Boomerang Africa will launch ‘We Laugh All Day’, featuring 15-year-old Cape Town-based South African singing sensation, Mila Smith, making it the perfect tribute to Heritage Day with its unique local South African flavour. Boomerang Africa is also producing a series of playful, vibrant and charming songs representing South Africa’s rich treasure trove of diversity and cultural influences and set to hit local shores soon!

A study commissioned by Boomerang, with 500 parents across South Africa, looked into the importance of downtime and humour, revealing that more than 25 % of the kids often have busier social diaries than their parents.  The survey highlighted that 95% of the kids would choose to watch cartoons to help them relax. Having these new songs will create locally curated content where mixing language development with fun will intersect; young kids will enjoy singing along to the catchy tunes while broadening their vocabulary and learning through a fun and interactive way, all while laughing all day!

With the focus of the musical compilation being on making the channel’s content locally relevant, ‘We Laugh All Day’ has been produced in collaboration with the Ugandan-South African teen, Mila Smith, whose experience spans theatre, television, dance and music, and rose to popularity as the vocalist and songwriter for the local Indie-pop child band, Skyscrapers. Mila can be seen in the video performing and having fun with a cast of local kids from different backgrounds playing outdoors with their favourite Boomerang characters in the beautiful region of Lesotho.

“I honestly loved working on the new, locally produced Boomerang track. I felt I had a lot of artistic license to add in some of my own ideas, building on this fun song! I had ’We Laugh All Day’ stuck in my head long after I finished recording,” says Mila. “The lyrics were well written, and I loved the song because it was light-hearted, making it easy to enjoy. It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait for the launch in September!”

Join Boomerang on DStv, channel 302, in a playful musical stunt with ‘We Laugh All Day’ taking the lead along with a celebratory ‘Boomerang Song Fest’ (with Masha and the Bear, Tom and Jerry and Mr. Bean), as a special celebration for Heritage Day!  You can also get FUNky and make your way to the Boomerang Africa YouTube channel for more fun with your favourite characters! There’s more to laugh about while you Watch. Play. Laugh!  

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